Learn about the Colvin Run Citizens Association

In 1931 a group of local citizens, under the leadership of Joe Wheeler, formed Colvin Run Citizens Association, Inc., to purchase an abandoned schoolhouse property and establish a community center.

During these early days of The Great Depression, Mr. Wheeler and four of his “Citizens Association” neighbors chose to focus upon their community. They were fortunate to have the means to do so. It was their intent to establish a nonprofit, volunteer organization “dedicated to the promotion and betterment of social conditions, charitable and eleemosynary works, and, in general, the promotion of general civic, social and moral welfare for the betterment of the local community.”

For over eighty  years, the community center that Mr. Wheeler and friends created has been a venue for community activity and social dancing. Throughout its history, Colvin Run Citizens Association has been dedicated to providing services beneficial to the public interest, all without compensation to its officers or directors. The Association has continuously used its facilities to educate the general public in social dance and has provided its facilities to the general public for dance workshops, dance instruction, social and recreational activities, and the arts in general.

Colvin Run Board of Directors
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