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Conrad Heer - President and Board Member

Conrad first started coming to Colvin Run Dances in 2002. The Colvin Run school house brought back warm childhood memories of an old school house near his home town that was no longer used as a school, but was used for social events in the community. In addition to the charm of Colvin Run School, he enjoyed the people and found them to be outgoing, friendly and sincere. As the old saying goes, “You ‘bump’ into the nicest people on the dance floor.”

After enjoying the Colvin Run Family for about a year, Conrad decided he needed to contribute more to the preservation of Colvin Run School and volunteered to serve on the Board of Directors.

He has been a member of the Rotary Club of Dunn Loring, VA since 1998, serving as Sergeant at Arms, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President. In 2003-2004 he served as its President. Conrad currently serves on the Board of Directors as chairperson of the Community Service and International Service Committees.

In 2001 Conrad became a member of the Capital Cotillion Dance Club. He has served on the Capital Cotillion Board of Directors since 2002, working with the Events and Membership committees.

Conrad has been in commercial real estate in the Washington, DC area since 1976. His primary activities are in the areas of commercial development, brokerage and property management.
Conrad has two adult daughters, one living in Annandale, VA and the other in Jersey City, NJ. His hobbies include ballroom dancing, skiing/snowboarding and home improvement projects. He enjoys and appreciates nice people, which is what makes Colvin Run a special place for him.

Bill Rosenbluth - Vice President and Board Member

Bill has lived in Reston, VA for 45 years. He and his wife Jean have been coming to Association dances for over 20 years. For many of those years, Bill has helped the organization by serving as an officer and by contributing to building maintenance and security. Bill and Jean also help the Association with photography.  Many of Bill and Jean’s photos and period graphics are used in Association wall decorations. Bill and Jean regard their Association friends as a part of their extended family and very much enjoy participating in Association activities.

Bill and his wife Jean are still active in business and have their own company in Reston. Bill is a forensic engineer who investigates electronic data associated with vehicle crash events. Over the last 21years, he has investigated over 1,000 such cases, and he is the author of Investigation and Interpretation of Black Box Data in Automobiles, jointly published by ASTM and SAE in June 2001.

Bill and his wife, Jean are also members and active in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. 

Jean Rosenbluth - Treasurer and Board Member

Jean and her husband, Bill, came to the Colvin Run Schoolhouse in 1985 looking for a place to dance with good ballroom music.  Not only did they find a charming, historic building with a beautiful sprung oak dance floor, with bands playing great music, they found some wonderful people who were very welcoming and friendly.    In a very short time, Jean was volunteering as an officer in the Colvin Run Citizens Association, which owns, maintains and preserves the Colvin Run Dance Hall.   Since that time, Jean has served in various offices,  including Secretary, Vice President, President and Treasurer for the past 20 years, as well as on the Board of Directors.

She was appointed Chair of the Historical Committee in 2012 and is currently working with the Great Falls Historical Society to have the Colvin Run Dance Hall be approved as an historical landmark with the National Preservation Trust.  Being a steward and taking care of this historical building has become a passion.  Jean says, "This building is such a treasure that we want to do all we can to preserve it for decades to come."

Jean and Bill joined the Capital Cotillion Club in 2010.  In her spare time from her work with their business, she enjoys Yoga, exercising, gardening, photography and fostering relationships with her grandchildren.

Brenda Hunt - Secretary

I am an Occupational Therapist, hail from Seattle, WA and moved to Alexandria in 1978.  I found Colvin Run Dance Hall in 2000, which was recommended by some other students in my dance class.  I have been dancing regularly at Colvin Run ever since.

I attended the meeting when interested Colvin Run dancers decided to have Officers and a Board of Directors to share the work and responsibility of preserving and operating Colvin Run.  I have been responsible for decorations ever since and recently served as Secretary from 2014-2016.  I have made my personal goal to share the wonderful Colvin Run with as many singles as possible, and, thanks to hard work of several of the Board Members, we are the Dance Destination for everyone!

Ed Cottrell - Board Member

Ed is a native of Northern Virginia, having grown up in Falls Church. He was employed in the criminal justice field for his entire career, retiring in 2007, following 27 years of service with the US Department of Justice.

Ed began dancing in 1996. In early 2001, drawn by the friendly people and environment, he attended a dance at Colvin Run, and has been dancing there ever since. Since 2009 he has served as a member of the CRCA Board of Directors, and currently functions as one of the members of the Building and Grounds Committee. Ed and his long-time partner Gail Crum have functioned as one of Colvin Run's dance instructor teams, and have worked as instructors for several local dance studios as well as for the Fairfax County Parks Authority. For the past 4 years, Ed and Gail have been the hosts and promoters of Colvin Run's weekly Tuesday night dances, as well as three weekend dance events where they  provide the pre-dance classes. Additionally Ed serves as the resident DJ for all of the above referenced events.

Lewis ( Joe ) Manning - Board Member

Joe taught High School Math for four years and retired from Federal Aviation Administration after forty years. Divorced with four grown daughters. Joe has been taking Jitterbug dance lessons for seven years and ballroom for a year and a half.  He enjoys dancing, sailing, hunting, jogging, traveling and tinkering around his house and with his old car .

Kathleen Milks - Board Member

Kathleen has been a resident of Great Falls for 44 years and is a member of the Great Falls Citizens Association and the Great Falls Business & Professional Association.  As a member of the GFCA she worked on land and zoning issues for a number of years.   Kathleen works full time as the Business Development Manager, Asia, for The Association For Manufacturing Technology.  She has five sons who have grown up in Great Falls, have completed their educations, and are pursuing their careers in California, Utah and Iowa.  In addition to her love of Ballroom, West Coast Swing and Tango Dancing, she enjoys horseback riding, skiing, sailing, and traveling.

Kathleen was elected to the Colvin Run Board in 2011 and was appointed Chair of the Entertainment Committee in 2012. She manages the 1st and 3rd Saturday Ballroom Social Dances.  In 2011 she became a member of the Capital Cotillion Dance Club. Kathleen would like to see the communities of Colvin Run and Great Falls be more involved with each other.  This would be a “win-win” situation for both.  She would like to help facilitate the growth of that relationship by promoting the dance program, and assisting in the preservation of the Colvin Run Dance Hall,  so that nice, friendly people can continue to meet there for years to come!

Tom White - Board Member

Tom and his wife, Susan, first came to the Colvin Run Dance Hall in 2006 in search of a venue to dance social ballroom.  They quickly fell in love with the rich history and charm of the old dance hall.  "I still enjoy watching a first-time visitor walk in the door; look at the wood panel barrel vaulted hall and say, ‘WOW’! says Tom.  "The WOW factor is universal for everyone that walks in the door -- this place affects people that way."  Susan adds, "We were immediately struck by how friendly and welcoming the people were towards us."

Tom has served on the CRCA Board of Directors since 2007.  He was responsible for soliciting donations from local contractors to install a new air conditioning system, exterior painting and carpentry work, new quarry tile floor in the kitchen area and renovation of both bathrooms.  In 2007, Tom and Susan established and co-hosted a monthly Argentine tango dance (milonga).  Tom and Susan currently host the 5th Saturday Blue Moon milongas.  "We knew from the first time we walked in the door that this was a special place and a perfect venue for the local tango community," says Tom.  "There is no agenda here, we just want everyone to have a great time in a casual and friendly atmosphere."

In his free time, Tom enjoys designing websites.  He designed and built Susan's Tango Boutique website,  which sells Nueva Epoca tango shoes and Werner Kern dance shoes.  Tom occasionally DJs at Colvin Run and other local milongas.

With a background in engineering, Tom has worked most of his career for the Clark Construction Group. Tom and Susan live in Vienna, VA. They have two sons, Andrew (22), a recent graduate from New York University, and Mike (20) attends college in Colorado.

Laura Bromberg - Board Member

I hail from Providence, R.I. but transplanted to the Washington, D.C. area in 1979.  This is where I met my lovely husband, Rob Martin.  We have two wonderful adult sons, Ethan and Brett.  In fact, we recently celebrated Brett’s marriage to Crystal with a private party at Colvin Run Dance Hall.  It was a very happy event for us, and was extra-special because it was at Colvin Run.

How did I know about the magical place that is Colvin Run Dance Hall?  Back in the day, I used to go dancing at Vienna Taproom, specifically to

learn West Coast Swing from the late Craig Hutchinson.  It was there that I met Ed Cottrell and Gail Crum.  When they started hosting dance parties at Colvin, they let me know about it.  Ever since, I have been a “regular” at Tuesday night and occasional Saturday night dances.  As you know, Colvin has a terrific, spacious dance floor, skilled and friendly instructors and a very nice clientele.  This is key, because the social aspect of a dance evening is almost as important as the dancing itself. 

In short, this venue is a special place for our local dance community.  I want to see the dances continue and the community grow.  I am delighted to serve on the Board to help achieve those goals.


Tom DeBenedetto -  Board Member

Tom and his wife Jane discovered ballroom dancing over three years ago when taking an introductory lesson at Arthur Murray's Ashburn studio where they remain students to this day.  Through word of mouth they heard about the wonderful people and ballroom dancing at the Colvin Run Dance Hall.  They immediately fell in love with the charming facility and its friendly people.  Tom looks forward to being an active Colvin Run volunteer and board member now and in the future.

Tom is the President (and one of the founders) of LTM INC.  Prior to joining LTM in 1999 he was the VP-Contracts at General Scientific Corp. (1990-1999) and the Executive VP at Rail Co., (1980-1989).  In addition to his 35 years' experience in the Engineering & Technical Services industry he completed a 30 Naval Career in 2002 with seven years on active duty and 23 years as a Naval Reservist.  Active Duty tours included a Mod Squad Destroyer, Fleet Ballistic Missile Nuclear Submarine, Deputy Business/Financial Manager on the F/A-18 Program and during an involuntary recall for the first gulf war, Deputy for Engineering & Quality at the Naval Supply Systems Command.  He received his BS Degree from Villanova University along with a regular commission in the US Navy in 1973.  He is also an executive management graduate of the Tuck Business School at Dartmouth.

Scott Taylor - Board Member

I have lived in the Washington Metro area on and off my whole life.  I spent most of my formative years growing up overseas in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.  For the past 25 years, I have been living in Fairfax County.  I have a son Robert, who lives in Arlington.  I am a person who likes to get out and do things and not sit around.  I was once nominated as volunteer of the year for Fairfax County.  I have volunteered at a leper colony off the coast of China.   I was a PTA president and was a Scout leader for a number of years. I like traveling and exploring new things.  I’ve always had a love of art and classical music and I attend as many events as time permits.  About 5 years ago, I discovered dancing and that quickly became a passion.  I started with East Coast Swing and then branched out to Shag and Balboa.  A couple of years ago, I started coming to Colvin Run to learn West Coast Swing, Ballroom, and a variety of other dances.  So many dances, so little time.  Colvin Run has become a big part of my life and I would like to give back to this great community of dancers and to help preserve this cool old building and all the history behind it.